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Time for that level 10 life affirmations/intensions for the new year. I loved doing this in 2016, I feel like it gave me quite a bit of perspective and it was a little different from my normal top 10 goals for the year. It is different in that every facet of my life is taken into account. Unlike before I was leaving out whole areas of my life.

What is the level 10 life? Bohoberry has a great post on this.

Write down what your ideal life would be like in each of the main areas. Then write down where you think you are in contrast to this. Some areas might be right on point like your finances, but your home life might need some work. It depends on you. Then I like to write down 1 or 2 things that can be accomplished within 12 months. This is important. Goals need to be achievable. If you write down a 10 year goal, it will completely make you feel like a failure in 2017 because none of your goals/dreams/aspirations will be realized. However if you write down a small chunk of it as your goal, that you will have within the year or 3 months. Then you will go forth into it with some gusto, and a real feeling that you can actually achieve it. I usually get 6/10 goals realized for the year. This is a heck of a lot better than 0.

Once you are done with your list, write them down on a small flash cards. Keep one in your bathroom and another in your journal. Someplace you will be able to look at it each day and read it out loud with feeling. This means that you can add it onto your Miracle Morning Routine or Daily Morning Ritual. I am assuming that you already know how to write your goals in the affirmative (Law of Attraction). Real quick if you don’t: write your goal down in the present tense as if you already have had it for quite some time, this way you get the mind used to it and you will start creating opportunities to realize them because you are reinforcing/reminding yourself what is important daily.

Here is the list I like, you can expand, like I have 3 Career split into 3 – 3.1 My Job, 3.2 My Writing and 3.3 etc. So you can expand the list as you see fit. And it is a very nice cataloguing system that fits everywhere.

  1. Self Development
  2. Financial
  3. Career
  4. Spiritual
  5. Health
  6. Relationships
  7. Contribution
  8. Environment
  9. Fun
  10. Significant Other

My 2017 Level 10 Life List

  1. Self Development – I know 600 Spanish Words. I have mastered Charisma, Influence and Bujo.
  2. Financial – I have zero Credit Card Debt, $100K savings and a paid off car.
  3. Career – I love managing my thriving business.
  4. Spiritual – I do my Miracle Morning Routine 365 days a year. Listen to ACIM.
  5. Health – My natural weight is 136 lbs and I eat healthily 6 days a week. I work out 3 days a week.
  6. Relationships – I am social at least 1x a week. I call 3x friends per week.
  7. Contribution – I donate 4 hours of my time per month to writing Self Help.
  8. Environment – My home is Glam-Chic-worthy. I do a new room project every month.
  9. Fun – I have read 10 out of the norm preference books. I have read zen books. I have read a classic. I had fun traveling North America and China!
  10. Significant Other – I completed L90D’s in May 2017. I have partner I love.

That’s my list. It might not seem totally ground breaking or it might seem very ambitious. You never know the issues someone is dealing with. One mans devil can be another mans Angel. My hope for you in the coming year is for you to realize your dreams. Be hope.

I love reading, yoga and write for a living. This year has been really amazing, full of wonderful friends, experiences and laughter. Accomplished!; * I am a Yoga Teacher! * Debt Free! * Tracking my calories daily * Headstand - Check Leanne Naidoo
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