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~25 ~

Well here I am in London. Thin. I do believe I existed on cans of corn for supper. I was never hungry. I ate salads and fruit for lunch and a slice of cheesecake for dessert.Weight: about 60 kg


~ 26~

Everything here is starting to get tight. None of my clothes fit.

Weight: about 65 kg

~ 26~

Italy – I was out of breath everywhere I went in Italy. High blood pressure, and awful depression

Weight: 72 kg


This at last. I was obsessed with food. I was on such a strict diet that I thought I was losing my mind. Exercising daily and forever checking my calorie count. I had to be under 350 or it was a disaster in my mind.

Weight: 60 kg

This night many things happened. Let’s just say, being thin is not all it’s cracked up to be. I might have looked great, but I was still very insecure. Any attention at all, I was grateful for.

Weight: 135 lbs


There’s still time for you. I spent the entire trip not buying anything. I was in the shoppers paradise of the East yet, I wouldn’t let myself buy clothes because I wasn’t thin yet. Well, it’s 3 years later and there are still no clothes. I regret that, now very much.

Weight: 79 kg


160 lbs and not too bad. I look great  compared with the picture above. Why is it I never remember this. Silly lass always thinking the grass is greener.

Weight: 160 lbs

weight loss before and after

I love reading, yoga and write for a living. This year has been really amazing, full of wonderful friends, experiences and laughter. Accomplished!; * I am a Yoga Teacher! * Debt Free! * Tracking my calories daily * Headstand - Check Leanne Naidoo
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