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Date – 01-19-2017

Todays Inspiration: Louise Hay and my Mom.

I would love to be a raw vegan. Grain free, salt free, sugar free, nut free and dairy free. However my body wants something else. I am anemic. I have hyperthyroidism. I have a vitamin D deficiency and I am highly stressed out.

So I am just going to make small changes until I get there. For the next 30 days I am going to be a vegetarian/pescatarian. I am eating fish a few times a week so that I can get iodine into my body without salt. I am going to see how my body feels. I will be doing raw food on the weekends and having exactly 1 cheat meal on Sunday. Will I stick to it? I did for this past week. In fact I didn’t even cheat tonight. That was strange. Perhaps it is knowing that on Sunday I am going to go Tim Ferris all out on my cheat meal.

This month I am also going to be waking up early.



Wild Probiotic

water, lemon, cayenne, maqui berry, vegan probiotics and stevia.


I forgot to eat lunch. I just drank lots of tea. Weird. Wasn’t hungry at all.


Eggplant Parmesan tasted pretty great. I loved it. I did the microwave thing. It was in the fridge.  I also ate raw/vegan banana tiramisu. YUM.

Fiber and Tea: 

I drank a liter of tea and I had 2 tbl of Psyllium husk.

Weight Graph

  • LBS Lost
  • Goal to Go

Weight Chart

  • 2 lb a Day
  • Weight Loss


5 hr 0 min

8 cups

47 lbs/50lbs
to go
sw: 190 lbs gw:140

0 hr 30 min

6:30 am
Hit Snooze x2

Start: 190 lbs

Current: 187 lbs

Natural: 141 lbs

I love reading, yoga and write for a living. This year has been really amazing, full of wonderful friends, experiences and laughter. Accomplished!; * I am a Yoga Teacher! * Debt Free! * Tracking my calories daily * Headstand - Check Leanne Naidoo
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