New Template finally fixed

Our new template is finally fixed. Everything works. All that is left – is to play around with the colors and fix Serenity’s category headings. From now on – I will be [...]

Chakras – I found mine yesterday

That is quite correct after a year of faking it I finally felt my chakra’s spin. I have done many many guided chakra meditations. Always I must send the right color light to the right [...]

Double Header

Yesterday I was served salad, so it seems reasonable that carbs are in overload for lunch today. Witness: 2 brie and goat cheese soufflés with a béchamel sauce. You can see the bite I stole [...]

Fresh and Green

Alright, this did not get posted yesterday because of technical difficulty… Chef prepared a wonderful fresh salad for lunch today. Tossed in a homemade dressing was: avocado, radish, apple, [...]

That man is heaven on feet

I am completely smitten. I can’t think when the last time I thought someone was… GORGEOUS. To say I am smitten… is as understated as I can translate this thudding in my [...]