In Bikram Yoga

If you search Yoga Challenge you’ll find this quote

Give me 30 days and I will change your body, give me 60 and I will change your life.

This is beyond temping to try. It’s hard. Really hard to go 18 days that’s how long I lasted last time. 30 days might be challenge enough.
I had my first class in months on Thursday, it was hard but it felt really good. Then Friday, I had such sore arms, yet I persevered with my warrior poses. Saturday, I spent most of the day in bed exhausted. And I mean so tired I couldn’t think. At 4pm I went to my Saturday class. I’m hungrier today than the last three days on the Amy’s diet plan.
The meals are great though. Really tasty.
What time I go to yoga tomorrow depends on how I feel. It feels really nice to have a purpose again. Something I love and find challenging.

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