Girl Code? Yes it exists.

For all my friends, I love you so much. Thank you for all the laughter and support Clothing mishaps. For goodness sake if I frantically pull you into the bathroom and ask if these pants look to [...]


Several months ago I heard about Soylent. Then I read about it and bought some. It is still sitting in my cupboard. Yesterday I took a picture of my fridge – here it is: skinny girl fridge That [...]

Bed Time Affirmation

What a peaceful affirmation to end your day. Bed Time Affirmations for the soul: ~ I have done my Best for today. ~I have earned my Rest for tonight. ~I have put my Love into all my deeds. ~I [...]


Gentleness Self love and kindness are important when loving others and allowing them to be safe. When someone in your life is trying to establish boundaries and create a hierarchy… allow them the [...]

the master of body transformation

I have lost over 50 lbs and kept it of for years. Due to life, a new job, house and kids in college, I found myself needing to take this journey again. Here is my journey.