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I buy a crazy amount of books, it just occurred to me today that I never blog about them or the recluse side of me. Will I read them this week? I hope I will at least get through the Earnest Holmes one. I feel I could get a lot of it. Ah well… Here are today’s buys.

I bought:

[amazon_link id=”1604590734″ target=”_blank” ]Creative Mind and Success by Earnest Holmes[/amazon_link]

It seemed like what I need. I feel a little lost. Hmmm, I feel like I am bringing negativity into my life, I really want to get to the bottom of it.


[amazon_link id=”1401930719″ target=”_blank” ]Soul Coaching by Denise Linn[/amazon_link]

This one just jumped out at me. I wanted to only get the Earnest Holmes book, but this 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self looked too good to pass up.



[amazon_link id=”0375826696″ target=”_blank” ]Eragon by Christopher Paolini[/amazon_link]

I have been saving this for so long. I’m done with saving up the good experiences for later.  The story of a boy and his dragon, love it. Yeah that’s one of my things, dragons. Not tattoo dragons, more like Narnia in a cave surrounded by jewels dragons.

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  • Jerome

    Tell me what you think of Eragon! Right now I am reading the Game of Thrones Series.