Refridgerator Cleaning Checklist

Here is my handy refrigerator cleaning checklist. Quick Refrigerator Cleaning Checklist Step 1 Clearing out Remove stored food in the freezer and place into a cooler. Perishable foods from the [...]

Ten Minute Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

When you are in a hurry and visitors are around the corner this is a handy checklist to have on your fridge for quick reference. When cleaning a room always go from the top down and from the [...]

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Here is a room by room checklist to help you list your spring cleaning tasks. Click this link to download the checklist: Spring Cleaning Checklist Room by Room Organizing

My Daily Cleaning Schedule

I wish I could clean once a month and be done with it. Just never see dust or grime again till the 1st of next month like writing out the rent check. But the stuff just accumulates – like [...]