Uplifting Music

Are you looking for a good mix of uplifting music to brighten your day? This is most definitely the music mix for you. Feel free to make suggestions or add to this list. Everyone can benefit from [...]

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4

Today let’s listen to [amazon_link id=”B002K5QEZS” target=”_blank” ]Tchaikovsky’s 4th symphony[/amazon_link]. Such music that will lift spirits and soothe any [...]

Todays Composer William Byrd Review

William Byrd if you look him up anywhere in google you will find was a key composer of the Rennaissance period. By no means is this an educated critique of this gifted musician, rather it is part [...]

Motivation for awesome Playlist

Here are a few songs that are awesome, when all else fails and there is nothing on the radio, make this simple playlist and put it on repeat. Please send me your awesome favorites too. Boyzone [...]