Paripurna Navasana: Full Boat Pose

< ![CDATA[The Paripurna Navasana or Full Boat Pose is a great pose for helping to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. This yoga pose can improve your digestion and balance, and is said to [...]

The Perfect Posture – Siddhasana

The Perfect Pose otherwise known as Siddhasana should be used when practicing pranayama or breathing exercises.  This is an easy pose to master and allows the body to be perfectly comfortable [...]

Parting of the Clouds Asana

What a glorious pose. Parting of the Clouds, I can’t help myself with this one. It’s such a freeing pose. It follows from the familiar tree pose: Vrksasana. The healing benefits of [...]

Yoga and Menstruation

Yes it’s that time of the month. There are many postures that are not recommended during ones menses but none are expressly forbidden. When on your period, the body’s temperature is [...]