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The Journey to my ideal weight.
First I tried HCG, then I went onto Juice Fasting. Midway into that I heard about RAW TILL 4, then of course I watched the hottest documentary around right now… Fedup. I changed my diet so many times in this last month. Here is my journey.
Day 1 – 7
This was a pure disaster. I gained rather than lost. In fact I weighed more than I had at the start of my diet on Day 7, 179lbs.
On Day 7 I sat down with my weight loss partner and we brainstormed ideas to help me stay on the diet. Times were desperate. We came up with a dangerous, crazy and totally looney idea. We would hold ourselves accountable by putting something on the table that we absolutely didn’t want to lose. Our paychecks! Any slip equaled to the loss of the next paycheck. We solemnly promised to be on our best behavior and started the next week.
Day 8 – 14
Day 8 to day 10 I stayed true to the juice fast. I lost weight. I got down to 171.5lbs. Then I started faltering. I cheated. I found a dollar in coins in my car and bought a delicious packet of funions. I don’t even like funions and as far as I can recall this is the first time I’ve ever bought funnions. Day 4 I put on 2 lbs and only lost them again on Sunday when I resumed my juice fast in full swing.
Day 15 – 21
This was just a blur. It was really hard. I made it through though.Day 11 – 26
15 lbs gone. Day 11 to 26 have gone surprisingly well. I had a friend stay over with me which helped so much.
My waistline came back. Looking at my Day 1 before photo I can see a real difference of what 15lbs lost has made.


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