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HCG Diet Feast Day 1
HCG Diet Feast Day 1

Today I officially started my HCG Diet.

  • Buddy – check
  • HCG diet approved food in fridge – check
  • Postive attitude – check

<<<< Here is a photo of all the goodies I bought yesterday.

Feasting for me means eating everything I crave. I surprised myself when I didn’t want any donuts, or chocolate cake or even a hamburger. Instead you can see all the foods from my childhood, creme brulee, cornflakes, milk, baked beans, chillies and caramel. You can hardly see it in the back but there’s cheesecake.

So this morning I woke up and started the glorious sanctioned binge. The cheesecake was a disappointment, I didn’t even finish the slice I cut myself. The cornflakes – I poured a single bowl of milk, but I topped it up with cornflakes 3 times (there was still 3/4’s of the milk left in the bowl once I was done).  Somehow I thought there would be more of a feasting-ness atmosphere and excitement. I say this because I remember my fat days when I was 190lbs (86kg). I would gorge on pastries, entrees, soda’s and french fries and an hour later do it all again. Now I’ve been sipping this single bottle of Sprite for the last 4 hours.  Where has the fat girl gone? Can I really be ‘thin’ minded now. Has it finally happened?

I should tell y’all straight off the bat this is my second go at the HCG diet. My first time round, I lost 6 lbs total which was a miracle considering I cheated 2x weekly and quit after 2 weeks. But during my time on the diet I began cooking every meal. My skin cleared, and my cravings calmed. I still get almost obsessive about my 2pm teatime cookies and tea though. Another blessing is I no longer crave starches like rice or bread. Beans are a no-go-area on the diet (my previous favorite food), now I barely think about them. Oh and I exercise daily.

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