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Today went really well. Making this post and video really helped keep me on track. I have a glass of wine in the evenings. It really does help relax me and make me craving free. I have of course been watching a whole lot of videos for motivation. I will paste them below so you can see. I also listened to a video about Ideal Body Visualization it encouraged me to not want to lose weight but rather to release the weight.
For the first time ever someone came to my door selling empanada’s. I bought 2 right away. I didn’t even think about it for my sister. I had to take a real minute to talk myself out of eating it. It’s true that on a diet or when you make a life change life will send you temptations.

Today’s Motivation:
How to manifest your ideal body!
Visualizing Your New Dream Body
Blossoming: Day1 Juice Cleanse, Day 2 Juice Cleanse: The Hanger Games
Daily to do’s and progress updates:

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My Plan is to weight 141 lbs by April 1st 2018
My starting weight is
208 lbs.
Day 1 weight is
207 lbs.
Day 2 weight is
203 lbs.
Weight Lost
4 lbs.
My goal weight is
140 lbs.
Phase 1 Juice Fast
30 Days lose 30 lbs
My goal date is
April 01, 2018


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