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Hi Everyone, I restarted the Juice Fast, and I am on Day 3! Last month I started this juice fast and I was going strong. I was going to power through the holidays. Then the holidays did happen and I failed so badly 3 days before Christmas. Today is Wednesday, January 10th and I have been fasting since Monday. Today is once again a Day 3 for me. I decided I would wait for Day 3 before I posted anything. I had already written the post below last year and I want to leave it here so that you can see what happens when well things go wrong. You can come back from it, you can go onto a Day 4.  I will write about the changes I made and what I learned from this experience tomorrow. I have made some big changes, especially in how I structure my day and keep my willpower strong.

    Day 3
    In this post you will read what I wrote the day the Today went really horribly. I was up all night until 5am with a sick child. 4am I caved and had protein – crab sticks and boiled eggs. I really really know that stress is my kicker. So I need to watch out for that and do something different. Maybe write? Get one of those hugging pillows like the Somnox pillow? What do you think?

    Somnox sleep robot

    Doing this juice fast and having a full time job with my side hobby projects… in the past has been difficult. So difficult that by day 3 the videos would stop and then the blog posts and very soon after the fast. Now though, I have a template setup for everything. Creating a video for youtube literally takes 15 minutes from filming, editing, assigning music, creating thumbnail to hitting publish.
    Blog issues, my blog went down today for a few minutes. Grrr. I have very nice servers for my businesses – a nutrition store and an etsy jewelry store, but I have my blog on a server that I use to experiment. Try out new plugins, platforms etc.  Godaddy also no longer upgrades it to the new php those are the cons, but the pro’s are that it has unlimited sites, storage and sessions.
    Etsy store – I have a shipping station setup – so from order to shipping it’s about 8 minutes. I only ship once a week – Saturdays.
    Nutrition store – I love this store. I love the products and the customers do too.
    Then I have my reading lists… I love books. Love them so much I have a site just for that. I have a lot of sites for my hobbies and passions. Hence the server just for experimenting.

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    • Tiffani

      Wooohoo! Go be amazing and kick those goals in the shins! You’ve got this!

      • awesome

        OMG I love you Tiffani!!!!!