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Burger Fail

Everyone has their go-to craving food. Then there are those foods that only come out of the closet at your weakest moments.

I do believe that when I am in emotional anguish I will eat a hamburger. I don’t particularly like them. But I will go out of my way to purchase and consume one when I  am down.

Taking a moment to acknowledge the pain and examining where it is coming from is often the most freeing thing you can do. Perhaps you are facing an old fear? Or perhaps just covering up an emotion you do not want to face? Whatever it is, take a moment to just be. Even if you do end up eating, at least you made it a choice. You are not a victim, you can choose your path.

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  • Natalie

    Hi – can you please contact me when you have a moment at [email protected]. I would like to discuss the Gerson Therapy with you and your mom’s outcome. My friend has pancreatitis and I was wondering if Gersons would help her. Thank you!