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awesome-meditationPersevering practice will support you more than a thousand hours of armchair philosophy”

Julie Rappaport

Last night at meditation practice, my teacher took a few minutes to get feedback from the class on how meditation influenced had been influencing our lives. Did it cross over and make a difference at all?

Hands shot up. Yes, it seems meditation does add serenity, calm and space. Space? Yes space between moments, a breathe of space before you respond to another human being, space between thoughts. Communication is better, or at least your equilibrium when interacting with others is stable. There are no more disasters or train smashes. It doesn’t matter that your boss doesn’t think things are moving along fast enough. It doesn’t matter that your co-worker thinks you dress like a bad girl straight out of an eighties movie. Bad Girl— For Real – Marcus?


 The meditation class itself was interesting. As usual my teacher asked us to place everything that was stressing us, outside our meditation room. For the first time ever, I accomplished it. I didn’t think about upcoming deadlines or what errands I still had to run. Instead, I thought about Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels.  I imagined eating it. Soft white doughy goodness, sweet but not oppressive. Delicate cinnamon aroma wafting through the confines of my car cause that’s where I eat it, while I drive to the book store. It’s a short drive, I sit in the parking lot and devour the rest while I think about what gorgeous books await me in Borders. Here’s what’s interesting. When I’m eating my pretzel all I do is think about books. When I meditate all I think about is eating pretzels. I do not believe I’ve ever taken a moment to just be here now and concentrate on the flavour of my pretzel. This might be why I crave it, because I’m never really paying any attention when I’m eating it. I might as well have brushed my teeth or taken the trash out for all the attention I pay to it. Next time, I am going to practice being present.

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