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Here is an except from my ol’ Finance Diary. This one has no commentary really because honestly I think I was stark raving mad! Though it is good fun to read.


I’m going to make that phone call.  I’m going to go on my first date in 4 years on Saturday.  Good grief.  GOOD GRIEF.   What am I doing?!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I’m going to need cab money.  $50.  You know how these boys are, they pay for dinner and then they expect you to bring the dessert.   Maybe men have evolved in recent years? I don’t know, but I think I should still campaign for cab money.

A new dress? $100.   I think I need it.  Something long, covering my ankles.  The more you have covered the more modest and marriageable you appear, right? Or was that in the Victorian age.  The only romance I’ve had lately has come from paperback historical novels.  Man that’s some good stuff especially on a Friday night when combined with dark chocolate and warm milk.

No there isn’t any more, thankfully I think I went off on my date and left the dangerous ink pen alone.

Leanne Naidoo

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