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 Somewhere along the way the blogging stopped being enjoyable. it became work and I started to avoid it. there were visitor counts and keywords and tracking and there was nothing natural about it. Creativity took a back seat to the competition. Yes I said it, I made a fatal error, I competed with a friend to see how popular we could make our blogs to somehow inspire each other to work harder. It had the opposite effect. My blog did really well and she sort of lost her verve to compete, and all that testosterone made me view the blog as a horrid chore. Not my escape, my therapeutic joy, not my sharing of marvels I was experiencing. It became a stone around my neck and I stopped writing for months and months.


Am I back now? I can honestly say I do not know the answer to that. For now I will just blog without a theme or a project. I will write only what I feel like writing. It’s so selfish, yet I can breathe at last.

What’s been happening in the last few months? Boy you missed some good stuff. I finally realized happiness in my life. 100% got that down. I am happy with my friendships, job, relationships, creative outlets and my family. Everything in life is perfect. I am open and receptive to so much more than I was before. This blog is now going to tie in with blogs section. I am the editor of that wonderful site. Heavens I am so greatful to have that website in my life, and I am even more happy that it can be a part of this blog. 


I am Leanne Naidoo, the girl who found happiness. Please feel free to follow me on twitter, facebook wherever you wish. I share funny photo’s quotes, and the occasional tip. I am currently obsessed with Pinterest. Oh, I love Pinterest. If you like pinterest, leave a comment below with your username and I’ll follow you. I’d love to see what my readers are pinning.

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