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Somehow someway this is my task list for the next 3 months. I am using everything I can find to make these statements reflect true. Good grief I really need to buckle down. It’s going to be a wild ride.




My list of what I am willing to be
No. The Goal April 2011 April 2012
1. I derive joy when I see my friend succeed Nope, not today.  Yes
2. I play fair in competition . Yes  Yes
3. I am intelligent, yet know that that alone does not equate wisdom Yes  Yes
4. I meditate? I see all the world as an illusion but enjoy it anyway even though I am not of it I’m trying  Yes
5. I am politically aware? Not even a little  Yes
6. I  do not believe in capital punishment? Well  Yes
7. I derive joy from diving into love and see that loving someone fully can feel like freedom.  Yes
8. I am funny Yes  Yes
9. I have informed opinions Yes  Yes
10. I am experimental and adventurous. I enjoy traveling YES!  Yes
11. I am athletic. I practice yoga and run daily beginning  Yes
12. I am thriving in a job that helps my brother Almost there  Yes
13. I am not addicted not yet  Yes
14. I am curious and open to learning. yes  Yes
15. I like adventure yes  Yes
16. I cherish life and my loved ones. yes  Yes
17. I am faithful and prioritize my relationships.  Yes
18. I  feel love for all beings.  Yes
19. I am confident and comfortable in my own skin.  Yes


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