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manifesting vision board 2014Here’s everything you need to know about how to manifest abundance with a vision board in 2014. Vision boards are a visual representation of your dreams. One of the best things you do to achieve a goal, is to write it down. That’s it, writing it down gives you a greater percentage of success than if you didn’t.
Now imagine if you could see your goal.
That’s right, if you are able to imagine the outcome, then doing Manifestation Treatments and Affirmations becomes that much easier. You are not just imagining, you have a goal line that is mentally visible and achievable. Your brain, can’t tell that it’s not yet true. In fact the brain assumes it’s true then moves to a state of disbelief. Not the other way around as much as the cynics in the room would like to believe. So if you tell yourself

“I receive divine abundance by expected and unexpected means”

then by golly, for a moment you believe it and more and more as time goes by you will start seeing abundance and unexpected gifts flow into your life.
How to set a goal:
Choose a measurable goal. If your goal is to be healthy, it’s not going to get you very far. What does healthy entail? Running 5 miles daily without breaking a sweat or just walking up the stairs without getting out of breath. That’s a measurable goal. You will know when you hit the goal post, instead of aiming for a goal perched somewhere on the horizon.
Another vague one is “I want to lose weight or I want to be thin“. Well what does thin look like? For me it’s 126 lbs and for my friend it’s about getting down to a single digit clothing size. Very different goals that are about 15 lbs away from each other.
If you know what you want, put it on the board. If you want to travel, find a picture of the place you want to travel to along with someone who looks like you in it (or stick a picture of yourself against the landscape). Make sure you are represented on the board.

There’s no use wishing for a greencard if you haven’t at least put the american flag and yourself in the board. The moment I realized that one of my biggest dreams wasn’t on the board, I chided myself. My dream was hitting so roadblocks that I was losing hope. Then when I realized that my board was lacking USA flags I started printing out as many as I could with women that looked like me. A few weeks later I received my card.

Place details and deadlines on your board too. There is no right or wrong. Just dreams turning into reality.
2014 is here, have you finished your vision board yet? Let me know, I’d love to see your board.

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