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NuvaRing finally birth control that is easy to use, has low hormone levels and very few side effects – could it be that I have found the ultimate BC of choice? Read my review to see how I did during my first 6 weeks of being on the NuvaRing.

Last month in a last ditch attempt to find a solution to my acne I asked my doctor to prescribe the Nuva Ring. She hadn’t heard of it. She went of to google it. She claimed that in her day all they had were pills, patches and the injection.

Ring huh?

How did I hear about the NuvaRing? My good friend suggested I might like it, in her opinion other than it being out of this world expensive compared to the pill, it was the best choice. 3 weeks in, one week out and no need to remember to take a darn pill everyday. Bliss.

No need to remember to take a pill at the same time everyday! Glory be. Several years ago (3) when last I was on the pill – that was the worst part. Whenever I forgot to take it (Yasmin – a good low dosage bc pill- if you remember to take it religiously) I would sink low into depression. Yes I would remember an hour or two later or that evening but it was too late, the depression would lurk for at least 2 days. So something that was self administering would be awesome. I was also told that the steady dose of hormones would keep my emotions pretty stable. Double delight!

My findings regarding mood swings while on the Nuvaring? I had none. No depression either. Zip zilch nada! I was a happy camper all month. No chocolate cravings close to my period and definitely no 5 pound water gain.

Everything sound too good to be true? Here are some of the negative aspects.

Your first use of the Nuva Ring, the ring must be inserted on DAY 1 of your MENSTRUAL CYCLE. Yes, put it in the bloody hole. When my doctor gave me the instructions I said, “No Marm that cannot be correct. “She looked puzzled. I then said, “are you sure?” She asked me to follow her and we googled it together. The evidence was right there to be seen on the screen: Insert Nuva Ring on first day of cycle.

“Sounds Kinda Gross, Doctor”

Yes it does she agreed, and then laughed –

“better you than me. ”

I laughed too. It was going to be an adventure allright.


Week 1 of being on the Nuvaring was weird as anything. When I got home with my little ring, I went to the bathroom to insert it. I exited quickly and went to fetch a pair of scissors because the easy tear packaging was too tough to tear by hand. Scissors in hand I had the package open in a jiffy. The pouch refered me to an instruction phamplet. I looked in the little Walgreens bag – the bag was empty – nothing. I read the instructions printed on the label ~ insert into Ginny-Jay (You know what I mean – the place down there). Hmmmm. I exited the bathroom again to fetch my iPad so that I could get some real instructions. The Nuvaring website was easy to follow – you must view the site in portrait mode or you wont see any of the images. Ring was inserted after several minutes scrolling and deep breathing.


I use a menstrual cup instead of tampons and I was forever worried I would pull it out by mistake. It would then Fall into the toilet and all kinds of gross would be instore for little Ginny. luckily that never happened. I experienced the usual excruciating period pain and walked with my knees-together-shuffle as is whenever I have my period. I counted 8 oz of blood for July. I have a pretty heavy flow – people usually doubt this, but once I tell them I rain blood clots the size of golf balls, and no tampon known to man has ever lasted me a full hour, they take my word for it. My period finally ended, only one problem, after my period the bleeding didn’t stop.

I had break-through clotting and bleeding for 3 more weeks. Yes I ran out of good underwear. Yes, it was too chancy to wear light colored pants. I read on various forums that I wasn’t the only one to experience this. Oh bother!

Three weeks later I removed the nuva ring for my off-week. Like clockwork my period started. And here comes the good news I had a Pain-free cycle. There was no heavy bleeding or clotting. It was heavenly. I even went to the beach for a swim on my heaviest day. LOVELY.

My period came and After precisely a week, I inserted a new Nuva Ring. This means that it was after my period, not gross like the first time insertion. Also there is something else that is pretty awesome – No break-through bleeding since.


Nuvaring review

Ladies after a rocky start I do believe I have met my BC Soulmate. I love the Nuva Ring. It’s easy, hassle-free and fun.

I know, I know you want to know about using it during the ‘intimate relations’. Dont worry guys don’t even feel it according to my friend. I haven’t tested this out myself but I have read that others concur in online forums on this topic. Besides it’s perfectly safe to take out for 3 hours, and I don’t know any guy who can rock a boat for 180 minutes straight. Although I am willing to have a go disproving that theory with Jake Gyllenhaal.

I hope my experience has helped you decide yay or nay, I laid out an honest heartfelt account, because when I was doing my research I couldn’t find one for myself.

Best of Luck – and thank you again for reading my Nuvaring Review. Love Happy

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