In Checklists, How to Clean Anything

I wish I could clean once a month and be done with it. Just never see dust or grime again till the 1st of next month like writing out the rent check.

But the stuff just accumulates – like interest in the bank only not as helpful.

So I’m going to draw up a daily cleaning schedule. I cant seem to sleep between 2-4am so I may as well clean.

Thursdays: My room, and Towel Laundry.

Friday: Bathroom. Dark Laundry.

Saturday: Shopping- Groceries.

Sunday: Whites Laundry.

Monday: Make Lunch, Kitchen. Bathroom Mats

Tuesday: Floors and my room, Kitchen Dishes

Wednesday: Make Lunch and er… something else useful I suppose.

Uuuuuurgh, I thought as woman this would just be part of my DNA, uuuurgh.

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