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For all my friends, I love you so much. Thank you for all the laughter and support

  1. Clothing mishaps. For goodness sake if I frantically pull you into the bathroom and ask if these pants look to tight? If your answer is not an immediate “No you look great”, then your answer shouldn’t be an answer. It should be a question, “Do you have another pair of pants in the car?No? These pants are fine.” Why? If I can’t go home to change things, then at least give me the lies to carry-on till the end of the day. This applies to coffee stains, wet shoes because of bathroom faucet mishaps and missing buttons – staple that shirt. Of course this does not apply to period stains, tears in clothing where London and Paris are on display, or sheer items that your underwear can be seen through. In these situations, all out panic should ensue, a wall of jackets should surround you by your friends as you tip-toe quietly to your car to head home, because you feel ill.
  2. Starbucks… if you went for a walk and happen to decide to go to Starbucks, alert the rest of us so we can place an online pickup order too. It’s what friends do.
  3. Conversations that start with OMG I did something horrible. If I did something horrible is irrelevant. It’s done. Now we console, listen and pass the tissues. Tomorrow we can put together the plan to conquer the world. Today we patch together the heart hole.
  4. Friends Photoshop Friends when necessary. Either we all look good on the instagram or you don’t post that pic at all. It doesn’t matter if Oprah has 3 arms as a result, did everyone look good? To this day I still have a photo up that my colleague refuses to take down. (no i’m not carrying a
  5. Forgiveness. Don’t stay in a friendship where you are carrying a grudge. Just don’t. You wont mean to but insecurity, negative emotions, passive aggressive gestures will ensue. And that’s not you. Elevate.
  6. Significant others and temporary others. I will listen as long as you need to complain. I will support as long as you need the support. I too will call to complain, ask for support, advice and still do exactly the opposite of everything you passionately argued for. I love the stories we’ve gathered over the years, names and faces have faded but those damn stories even the painful ones are funny now when we reminisce.
  7. Food, diets and weddings. If you are getting married, we diet together. It’s bootcamp and canned tuna till we fit in that shift. You shouldn’t even need to ask.
  8. Girl talk – 4 hour conversations about 50 Shades. You can only have this conversation with women, if you attempt it with your male friends…they wont want to stay just friends. Remember that romance I told you about where the hero drinks the heroine’s nursing milk? So gross, right? Yuck. Then you read the book – and you all sent me a text right away about how hot that was, and we laughed and vowed never to talk about it again. Only we do, all the time. Then we share pics of Serena Williams and her beau. Posh Spice and her insta-savvy. I love these wild and wacky convo’s, let’s keep it flowing.
  9. Face to face meetups. Skype me, visit me or let’s meet at the concert… whatever it takes let’s nurture this relationship. Time will pass and not spending enough of it with you will be something I regret. It doesn’t matter if it’s chores we are doing together. I guarantee it will be fun.
  10. Kind thoughts keep us close. I will keep you in my prayers and gratitude. I might not see you as often as I’d like, but I can keep you in my thoughts daily.


That’s all my friend,

Have an amazing day.

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  • Lisa

    Miss you <3

  • Agree with all! and I love you so much!