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Dear Fitness Buddy,

Don’t you find that you decide on Friday that you will start your diet on Monday? That’s me.
This Sunday was no different, I bought my Trader Joes goodies, and placed them in my fridge.
I want May to be my diet of FIRE month. I mean, throw everything at it kinda month. I only have a few days till June 4th, my conference in Chicago and I do not want to arrive fat. Then I also have Avengers Infinity War tonight, and they serve popcorn… so.
I can do anything for 30 days. I know I can. I have done it before. I will let myself have anything I want on day 31. I just want to make it through to day 30.
Remember when we went to the gym 5x a week and took a break on the weekends and did boot-camp instead?
Now I huff-and-puff going up the IKEA escalator when its out-of-order.
What about when I actually only had a cheat meal on Sunday like we planned on the previous Sunday?
You dear fitness buddy, always had the go go go, and I was there to come along. It was great. I didn’t realize how well we worked out together until we stopped working together, and I got a job at another company.
I wish we could work together again, in the same building so we could work out together again. I wish is something people with no momentum say. So this is a call out to you, for us to find some sort of alternative. Something that let’s us work out together again.

Much Love
The One who misses you.

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