In Journal, Weight Loss

I have been playing around with the idea of joining a weight loss group that meets weekly. I read Bright Line Eating and it suggests that it is one of the major ways you can stay in maintenance of goal weight for years. Really?! Apparently both  – conference calls (up to 4 people) or Face-to-face group meetings work equally well.
April 7th, nearly a month ago I did the research for all for the groups close to me that met regularly. Then Tuesday night a friend said he might start, let’s go on Wednesday night and join. Let me tell you, I almost didn’t go. Almost. You know the reasons:

  1. He cancelled on me.
  2. It’s too far
  3. Rush hour traffic
  4. I’m so tired
  5. Maybe next month
  6. The line is too long
  7. It’s too expensive
  8. I’m so busy do I have the time
  9. I have a conference coming up
  10. 2 months from now would be better
  11. Tomorrows meeting is more ideal

And it goes on and on and on…
I sat through the meeting. Everyone there had the same struggles. So many had lost weight and were still doing the night time eating. It was just nice. It was just like this giant sigh of relief sitting in that room. Ok, I’m open to it, these new people, these people who have so much in common with me. Done.

See you folks again Next Wednesday.

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