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Dirty Dancing and Tatum ChanningSearching for shirtless photos of Patrick Swayze on Google can be treacherous, please remember SafeSearch is not just for kids. Last night I felt like watching a little romance so I got out the classic Dirty Dancing.

The scene where Baby seduces Johnny is a bit perplexing. I find it incredulous that she takes such tremendous steps to get him to even give in to their having an intimate relationship. As a last resort she grabs his bum and voila, signal received loud-and-clear Johnny gets it and they kiss.

Here is what I wanted to show you, a really funny video spoofing that scene in the movie where Baby and Johnny kiss. This time with Tatum Channing – he totally wow’d me with his acting talents. I mean he really is talented.

Here’s the video CineMash Dirty Dancing ~ Tatum Channing and Charlyne Yi Cinemash, Enjoy


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  • Jerome

    Patrick Swayze is a dish, but Tatum will always have my heart