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< ![CDATA[A journey to self realization. How you find yourself on that road is always an interesting story to tell. And we strangers recognize each other as part of a whole design. This is a tale of innocence… it feels like these children of the 60′s didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for. India of course steals the show, with her breathtaking beauty. The marginalization of women in religion and marriage is a little heartbreaking. 20130314-000004.jpgThe search for the guru. I totally understand why Meera is walking the Sadhu path alone. I have tried… with many guru’s to find a right fit. Something about me just doesn’t trust men or even religion. There I said it. I don’t feel anyone needs a guide, God is Good enough. Not that, that has stopped me looking. I am quite interested in checking out Gurumayi
All in I liked this documentary 3 stars.

In the 1960s and 1970s thousands of hippies journeyed East in the search for enlightenment, free drugs or a ‘pure’ life. Indian peasants assumed that a severe drought in the West was the reason for their migration. India’s holy men saw it, more accurately, as a search for spirituality. Most moved back to their home countries after a few months or years. Some stayed for good. HIPPIE MASALA shows ageing flower children who, after fleeing Western civilization, found a new home in India.


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