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lilghtbabiesThis poem is uplifting and light for the soul. Love the moment, breathe it in. There is nothing more important right now than being bliss. Her poetry is abundant in When Everything Changes, Change Everything: In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace by Neale Donald Walsch, which I just finished reading this week. Enjoy…


We are Lightbabies. Golden Grace.
Wings, meant to fly.
We are delicate and pregnant
with goodness.
We are each made of such a quiet
that the entire Universe
can hear us.

There is only the Unfolding; the Opening
ever happening.
All else are thoughts—
lollipops for the mind.
We . . . are Lightbabies
as Humankind.

Lightbabies Poem Written by the Amazing Em Claire. Please go to her website to view more great poetry that moves the spirit.

– Have a blessed practice even if it’s for as little as five minutes. Gather a Yoga body and a Yoga Mind by Living a Yoga Life.

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