In Prayers


When you are at your very wits end and nothing is helping. No diet, no dictatorial fast, no ultimatums are doing the trick because the cravings to not lose momentum in fact they only multiple. Ask God to step in. He alone can carry you, he alone has the strength to make abstinence a reality. Stop fighting it, and let God carry the burden from here on.  If he can keep the stars afloat in the sky, I don’t think your cravings are going to be much of a bother.



Dear God

Please help me begin anew,
to rebuild my temple
and restore my body.
May I learn to eat well.
Please send angles to help me.
May angels oversee my food and sit with me while I eat.
May food which I have so used to hurt me,
now become a blessing and a blessing only
in my life.
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