In Prayers


What am I reading right now? The Traditional Prayer extended by Caroline Myss.

It’s beautiful and fits what I am feeling right now on Day 3 of my yoga teacher training course.

My body hurts, I’m so tired from so very little sleep and my brain is taxed from all the study. But my soul and my spirit are flickering awake like molted butterflies. So much of me is stepping into such a beautiful unknown. I’m falling apart with the knowledge I will be put together stronger by Spirit.

When I looked for the prayer , I found another beautiful extension by Dr. Susan Corso. She has a wonderful website, check it out here:

God Be

God be in my head and in my thinking
God be in my eyes and in my looking
God be in my mouth and in my eating
God be in my tongue and in my speaking
God be in my lips and in my creating

God be in my nose and in my scenting
God be in my ears and in my hearing
God be in my neck and in my humbling
God be in my shoulders and in my bearing
God be in my back and in my standing

God be in my arms and in my reaching
God be in my hands and in my working
God be in my legs and in my walking
God be in my feet and in my grounding
God be in my joints and in my relating

God be in my gut and in my feeling
God be in my bowels and in my forgiving
God be in my loins and in my sexing
God be in my lungs and in my breathing
God be in my heart and in my loving

God be in my skin and in my touching
God be in my flesh and in my healing
God be in my blood and in my living
God be in my bones and in my remembering
God be in my death and in my reviving

Revised by Dr. Susan Corso; originally extended by Caroline Myss from the traditional prayer of Reverend Jim Cotter and printed in his book Prayer at Night. Cairns Publications, Sheffield, England. 1988.

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