In Love


Good golly what a frantic week. I promised my wellness coach I would spend 15 minutes a day on an activity geared towards dating… And? Yes I have.

I got dressed, makeup and all. Yup even on Sunday when only the boys at Starbucks might see me. I answered emails from the online dating site I’m on, and I texted someone I actually like.

I have also started clearing the baggage out of my life to make a place for the blessing. Since the night I had a man in my apartment I started looking at it with new eyes. I got good dishes, I vacuumed, redid the bathroom decor. Honestly, how I feel is as follows: should he ring my doorbell unannounced. I would like to quite confidently invite him in. Into my apartment and into my life.

I started weighing myself again and meditating. I was super anxious last week, now things have calmed to… excited.

We both know I have only superficially dabbled with dating in the last 4 years.
Now that I trust myself to make good choices from a place of self love, I don’t mind letting in what life has in store for me.

This week is wine glasses, and sofa shopping.

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