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Today while I did laundry I multitasked and managed to watch 4 really cool documentaries.
Pink Ribbons. This was an eye opener. The site is a must! Spend your donation money wisely by checking out how funds are being distributed for breast cancer research.
Garbage. Pollution seems to be everywhere, yet this movie isn’t all doom and gloom. This movie showed me there are some easy small changes I can make to lessen any harmful impact I have on the environment.
Hot Coffee. Frivolous lawsuits? Tort and retorts? I never heard of a lot of this until just now. This documentary made me reverse my decision to not read the newspaper. I’m going to read beyond the funnies and the techpages from now on. I’m not ready for sports.
The Rave Diet. This is not strictly a documentary, really it’s just the instructional DVD included with the nutritional book that advocates a vegetarian lifestyle as a means to reverse heart disease and other ailments


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