In Spirituality

Live as if. Live as if? I who wears my spirituality and openness on my sleeve took it for granted that I felt protected supported and nourished by Spirit. Then why am I so concerned with control and making sure my route to Enlightenment is paved with hugs and compliments. This route must be kindness and politeness. In other words no truth just comfortable lies. Being authentic in all forms of communication is my new goal. How can I write truth if I am not always communicating truth. What I am doesn’t change if the people around me change, then who I am is as insubstantial as myth-mystery-mist-misery. Here’s to a life of truth. And I’m starting by returning the $77 worth of makeup I bought just to be polite to the saleswoman even though it made me face breakout. I also accept that I don’t need makeup after all, I have really beautiful clear brown skin… And so God made me… Perfect 🙂


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