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This article will help you determine the best way to tackle the clutter storage magnet area we all know as the garage. This is a particular difficult area to keep clutter free if you find that when you clear out junk from the house the temporary storage area is the garage. Ultimately though objects are forgotten, piled on top of and magically turn into mounds of clutter when you are not looking. Every 6 months or so I have to remember to go into the garage like a military warder and declare my intention to take back my territory.

Have the vision in mind – depending on what you would like to do with the space in your garage will determine what you store there and how you organize it.

I would like to park my car in the garage?

Mark out the area needed to park both cars comfortably using a tape measure. Include enough room for the driver to exit the car.

Now that you’ve marked out the space. This is the floor area that is out of bounds. What’s left is probably 3 walls and the ceilings. Can you comfortably get organzing wall shelves set up? Take some measurements and see if you are able to purchase some cheap readymade shelving. If you are unable to get shelving that fits you can get have custom made shelves made.

Now take stock of what you have around you that you intend to keep. Holiday decorations, spare tiles from the bathroom renovation, dog food sacks, and spare tires for the car etc. Once you have made your list  of what stays. You can purchase appropriate shelving and stackable containers. If at all possible purchase clear storage containers so that you can always see what’s inside without having to haul the box off a shelf.

Can your ceiling be used for storage?

You can hang up suitcase holder crate to house the family suitcases that only get pulled out once a year for vacations.

Shopping list:

  • Wall shelving that can be anchored to the wall.
  • Clear stackable containers.
  • Label Printer (Label everything, you’ll be glad you did a year from now when every box seems to look the same and all you need are the christmas lights)
  • Hobby area or gym


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