In Weight Loss

This week has been interesting. I’ll give you the short version.
– Body aches and chills
– Begin to suspect have a cold
– 103.6 F Fever
– Evidence is really mounting so I start to drink lemon water
– 2 days later… still powering through
– Lemon water – I drink it all day. It makes me feel so much better.
– 4 Days of success on my diet
– WHOOP WHOOP! 1 pound down on the scale.
– Made the easiest soup possible in microwave.
Easy Beany Soup Recipe

– 1/2 box Black Beans Organic, salt-free (100 cal per serving)
– 3 tbs Tomato basil pasta sauce salt-free from Trader Joe’s
– 1 tbs Idaho potato dehydrated mix (about 100 cal)
– 1 cup water

Method: Mix all ingredients in your microwave soup bowl, stir and heat in microwave. I could of course do this in a pot on the stove top and modify as needed.


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