In Write

I am… a writer. There  I said it. Now we just have to wait for the lightning. Give it a minute. That’s how I’ve always felt. Like one of those tortured artists – only I have no wordy-words-written to feel tortured about. I am tortured about the unwritten words. The stories I am too afraid to tell. That is why my blog is super anonymous. I’m afraid that you wont like me. I’m afraid that I am not normal. I’m afraid that I am not a writer.

So that said. Let’s get writing. I’m taking myself on an Elizabeth Berg writing workshop. Please keep me company. I will do all the exercises from her book Escaping into the Open. I will publish them, hopefully someone will read them and comment. I’m all for comments. A conversation. So what if they are rubbish- my stories that is not your comments. At least the pen hit the paper.

Ok my love I’m off ~ let the lettering commence.


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