In Yoga Teacher Training

Today is Day 0 of Yoga Teacher Training with Jimmy Barkan. I am… overwhelmed and excited. Will I be able to manage it all? I keep thinking I’m not in good enough shape. There are people here who practice daily. I can see it. Young lithe and the total opposite of where I am right now. I bought a whole lot of vegetarian food, I figured I would go vegan for the next 4 weeks. 28 Days of Hot Yoga,people! Who am I kidding. I am scared.

Jimmy is intimidating. Yet I know that is only my perception. Of course I am valued and welcomed as a student. Yet the silly mind has thought up all kinds of anxiety to keep me busy. I at last have my manual printed 200 pages! As well as my anatomy booklet of a more digestible 50 pages. First order of business tomorrow will be to make myself a sequence image chart in Sanskrit and English.

There are 41 students. How come I feel like the 41st? Perhaps we all feel that way. I made certain to write everyone’s names. My yoga teacher E explained that it was very important to learn names. There’s something magical about hearing your name. Affirming. Life is affirming. Whoops, it’s late I should stop typing soon. I made a promise to blog every day for the next four weeks. Another thing I keep hearing is that this teaching will change me. Yes I’m pretty much ready.

Much love


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