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 I just finished my yoga teacher training this week. Yay, me. It was tough, and I expected that. Here’s what I wasn’t prepared for: I stopped peeing somewhere during week 2. Strange but true. I was surprised. I mean really, was I sweating out a gallon of water a day? I found this hard to believe since I’m not one of those people who has to wring out their towel after class.

Then my joints swelled up, and the rest of me. I started drinking more water, to help the situation. Wrong move. By week four Reclining Hero, a pose I find rather easy was too challenging to bear. Then I couldn’t lift my arms for warrior and eventually I just cried every Savasana. 3 hours of yoga a day is going to make you sweat. And when you are putting your body through that 6 days a week, somethings gotta give. After some online research, I came up with the glaringly obvious solution to what went wrong during my teacher training. As you can see I’ve stocked up on the goods. Potassium, and plenty of Electrolyte Mixes for my water. I also allowed myself 3 days off, and I’m glad to say I can do Warrior 3 again. Tomorrow I begin Yoga – Full Blast with Jacks 5:45am Yoga. Fully powered with my Electrolytes. I’ll probably do a headstand when I get back and practice those splits. They have got to come back… hopefully.


Till tomorrow my  fellow yogis



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  • Bikram Yoga Vancouver

    Sounds like a bit of a tough journey, but teacher training tends to teach us more than just what to do at the front of a packed class. Thank goodness for electrolytes. Strange to think that water isn’t enough to hydrate us, but when we are pushing ourselves to our limites it is so easy to get depleted. We wish you all the best and know that you’ll be right as rain before you know it!

    Here is an article on electrolytes we put out some time ago. We wrote it with Bikram Yoga in mind, but hydration is hydration is hydration!

    All the best! ♥BYV