How to keep post-its organized.

Organizing tip for the week: Write sentences on post-its.

I cleaned my desk today. And I found 4 post-its scattered in varying places. All they say is bucket.

Some say it twice or thrice. Clearly this was something important I had to remember. But it’s a single word. I scanned my computer there are no bucket articles.

No buckets on my desk. Hmmmmmmmmmm what is it about?

Organizing tip for the week: Write full sentences on post-its.

The only exception should be shopping lists. Instead of, oh lets say writing bucket alone, write ‘Jeff’s dog kicked the bucket' – remember to send condolences’, or ‘inbox too full, bring bucket for overflow’.

I remembered! Write my bucket list, all the goals I want to achieve in the next 6 months. Yeah just like the movie where Jack Nicholson writes a list of dreams he'd like to achieve before he kicks the bucket.

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