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hi, i’m Leanne

your friendly entrepreneur, digital marketer, leader, yoga teacher, and writer.


Certified Yoga Teacher. Practice and all will come. The benefits of yoga can be felt on and off the mat. Increase flexibility, strength and lessen chronic pain.


Vegetarianism, juice fasting, cleanses, C25K, Wellness Apps, weight loss plans, whole 30, detoxing and nutritional supplements. These are some of my favorite subjects and I have read, watched and learned as much as I can about them. I am a Certified Reiki Master.


Reading has give me adventures, holidays, scares, thrills, so many darn memories. It has also give me insight, strength, credibility, and a passion to soak up knowledge. I’ll share my favorites with you. I also love everything about writing, Nanowrimo, Pantsing and Plotting. I hold a Masters Degree in Publishing


By day I am a Global Digital Marketing Director for a company. E-commerce, analytics, sales are my passion.


Even Harvard University agrees that positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly associated with with greater happiness. Every day I am trying out new techniques like meditation, affirmations etc and evaluating their effect on my happiness levels.


When I became a manager I then realized one of the most satisfying aspects of my career working was with teams local and virtual to realize something larger than ourselves. Team motivation and happiness with a strong emphasis on success is how I would describe my secret superpower if I had one

it’s that easy!

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Let’s connect. E-commerce, Leadership, Wellness or Yoga I am interested in learning about you, your business, your goals and aspirations and helping you make those changes that lead to an increase ROI, personal fulfillment, and team development.

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  • My name is Jhenny Dumornay, and I have been part of the amazing 365toAwesome family for 4 years. With Leanne's help, I have managed to grow personally, learned how to become a more organized and productive in my day to day life. Her methods, and interactions with me have allowed my personal growth to spread to my work, home and for me as a person.

    Jenny Rapacz

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Motivation lives here. All the best inspirational quotes and links to articles that have that uncanny ability to help you stay strong for one more day.