Level 10 Life Minimum Effort Goals for Health and Fitness

I love the level 10 life and I do my best to live by those principles. The level 10 life wheel is a clear representation of your goals visually so that you can measure the level of success or satisfaction you are experiencing in each area of your life. Often we focus on the areas that we find easy, yet the most satisfaction we would get is from putting more effort into an area that is lagging. In other words are your relationships harmonious but your finances in a mess? Life balance is what you will end up with is if you incorporate this amazing tool into your life.
The wheel of life assessment helps you get clear on the areas of your life that matter and give you a more measurable way to achieve those goals or bring those areas into alignment with your life vision.

Here are some examples of common areas.
1. Personal Growth & Development
2. Finances
3. Career/Business
4. Spirituality
5. Health/Fitness
6. Family & Friends
7. Contribution/ Giving
8. Physical Environment (Home/Office)
9. Fun & Recreation/ Travel
10. Significant Other/Romance
I added Writing and Entrepreneurship under 3. Career because I didn’t want to ignore those areas of my life. I have a very clear segment marked out for those.If you are interested in learning more about those I suggest reading Boho berrys post on it and the book The Values Factor by John Demartini.

I am so much more focused now that I have this in my life.
Now I want to take it to the next level and incorporate it into my life so that I am making small changes daily that add up to big benefits later. Smaller chunks are make the whole thing feel easier to accomplish.
Right now I want to focus on Personal Growth and my Health. Ultimately I want to be calm and joyful and that comes from nurturing my personal growth. I also would like to be my ideal weight which comes from focusing on the area of Health and Fitness. I found that if I track my calories I am more likely to stay on my diet. This is a habit hack that I intend to stack with others until they feel as automatic as brushing my teeth.

1. Personal Growth & Development

  • My well being and sense of happiness are better if:
  • I meditate x2 daily for 10 minutes
  • Set my intention for the day with a visualization and affirmation
  • Journal with morning pages
  • BUJO my priority tasks for the day
  • Read, Listen or Watch a:
    • Zen podcast
    • Positive psychology video
    • Read a Personal Growth book

5. Health and Fitness

My days are better if:
  • I start the day with fiber and 16 oz of water
  • Log all my calories and exercise
  • Wear my fitbit
  • Take my amino Acids

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