Organizing Bookshelves

Photo by Huỳnh Đạt
It's the twentieth century, bookshelves are now not just resting places for books, but are great places to display knickknack's and create atmosphere in a room that enhances your decor.

What to do if you have many books? Arrange by height, color subject or go traditional and arrange by author. Heck if you are adventurous arrange by title.

If you only have a few scattered books? Hey, I've gone digital too, here are  a couple ideas to help you along:

1. Paint inside backing of your bookshelf. The contrast of colors will offset the books an make them a feature rather than clutter.

2. Tie it all together with a color or a theme. If your room has a distinct beachy feel, arrange seashells and perhaps a lighthouse on the shelves. Or perhaps the cushions in the room are red - gather a few more read items like a picture frame, vase and other baubles and lay them artistically on various shelves - it will tie the room together visually.

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