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The friendship stops here.

Last week, my dear friend baked some delicious Amish Friendship Bread.

What's that? If you're not familiar with what this little tradition is let me explain. It's pretty much a chain letter - only you get delicious results. A friend will give you a plastic jiffy starter ( a little bit of the batter that she prepared her bread with). You then take this bag along with a set of instructions and begin a ten day ritual of bag massage followed by letting the air out. Once this ten day process is complete you add the rest of the ingredients and bake 2 loaves of bread. One of these should be shared with your friends (the other can be gobbled fresh out the oven while you watch the latest episode of Heroes). Only you remove enough batter to make 4 plastic jiffy starters. You then hand out these jiffies with instructions to 'friends' or greedy co-workers for whom 1 slice was just not enough.

And so the circle of friendship grows - or cycles, or er... well maybe more people jus…