Boys you may keep your pajamas

The tale I am about to tell is based on a true life story - names of the people involved have been changed to protect their identity and blatant stupidity.

So last night I ... ahem... Marcia, was wearing a nice pair of manly jama's. She recently discovered them about a month back. Their pro's far outweighed the benefits of  wearing those girly ones she had been using all her life.

1. They are long - perfect for watching tv as they drape over your feet and keep you warm. No more socks.
2. Their length also means that since your feet are covered you can go slip-sliding around the house playing 'catch me if you can' with whichever roommate at the time wants the tv remote you've just stolen badly enough.
3. They are always too big and they are meant to look that way. That great invention - 'elastic waistbands' means you can have an extra candy bar every night and it wont show.

So last night I popped a bag of corn (Marcia popped - ah hell...) anyhooo, so I popped a bag of corn and took it to watch my movie, sat down, crossed my legs and gingerly opened it on my lap.Then I grabbed a handful - and "GOLLY GOSH!" I shouted. You know how when you grab a handful there are always a few that escape. Well, men's pajamas have this gaping nonsensical hole in them. Several kernels had fallen onto me and I was going up in flames (not literally mind you - but it felt like it).  So I brushed them off my lap, only I just ended up brushing more of them into that stupid hole. Then I stood up and attempted to shake them out the leg. Only the kernels have to make their way down your entire leg to get out. "BUGGER ALIVE" or words very similar to those could be heard at an awfully loud pitch throughout the house.

So Marcia has discovered a few con's to wearing men's pajamas's as a result -

1,2 and 3: That big gaping hole in the crotch area.

Ladies no matter how many pro's there are to wearing men's pajamas there will always be this one con which outweighs them all. Save yourselves from any future disaster and stick to the women's section when shopping.

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