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How to Clean Alabaster

Alabaster is a beautiful soft stone that is often used to make decorative ornaments and light fixtures due to its light diffusing qualities. When I went to Italy I brought several pieces back with me, but because alabaster is such a delicate porous stone special care needs to be taken when cleaning it.

Depending on the degree of cleaning you want to do here is what you'll need:

Light cleaning: A soft dry pure cotton cloth
Moderate cleaning: dish washing liquid, water and a spongeHeavy cleaning: acetone and cotton wool ballsRemove smoke build-up: borax and a soft cloth.Light Cleaning

1. Wipe the alabaster clean with the dry, pure cotton cloth.  Regular dusting will help you maintain the alabasters attractive form.

Moderate Cleaning

1. Mix a mild dish washing liquid into a bowl of water. Dip your sponge into the water and wring dry. The sponge must merely be damp not dripping water.
2. Rub the sponge gently onto the alabaster.
3. Using fresh water rinse the sponge and gently re-wipe th…