How to Clean Cane Furniture

This article will show you not only how to clean out the dust but how to prevent stains and fix a sagging cane seat.

Cleaning out the dust:
The best tool for this would be a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. Second would be a soft bristled paintbrush to loosen dirt and dust.

Cleaning out heavily soiled cane furniture:
Wash the furniture with a sponge, a medium stiffness brush or a cloth that has been dampened in a solution of mild soapy water and wrung out. Follow by rinsing with a cloth dampened with clean water. Finish by wiping the furniture dry with a soft cloth or towel. Avoid harsh detergent or cleaners as they can stain the cane.

How to prevent stains on cane furniture:

Clean spills immediately with a damp cloth or some soapy water. If the stain proves impossible to remove your best bet might be to repaint the surface.

How to fix a sagging cane seat:
Just as long as the seat is intact and unbroken it is still salvageable.

Step 1 - Choose a sunny day to attempt this fix.

Step 2 - Using a sponge, wet the seat from its underside. This area is more porous than the top portion.

Step 3 - Once you have dampened the seat, take it out into the sun to dry until taut.

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