Refridgerator Cleaning Checklist

Here is my handy refrigerator cleaning checklist.

Quick Refrigerator Cleaning Checklist

Step 1

Clearing out

Remove stored food in the freezer and place into a cooler. Perishable foods from the refrigerator is unlikely to spoil if left at room temperature for under 2 hours. If you are uncomfortable with this prospect simply buy an extra cooler and a bag of ice to store the contents until the cleaning process is complete.
Step 2

Clean out bins, racks, ice-maker bin and drawers

Fill the sink with warm water and add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Place items in sink and wash with a cloth or sponge. Rinse and leave to dry on the drying rack.
Step 3

Empty out the ice maker.

Ice is known to absorb odors. It's best to start a new batch when your refrigerator is clean
Step 4

Clean walls, shelves and doors

Back to front and top to bottom is the best way to tackle damp wiping the interior of the refrigerator. Rinse and wring out your wiping cloth regularly as  you go along. Save wiping the bottom for last as the crumbs and spills will find their way to the bottom and can be cleaned off once. For particularly tough spills damp wipe with a solution of warm water and mild dish washing liquid, follow by rinsing with a damp cloth washed in clean water.
Step 5


Use a vacuum with it's brush attachment to clean out the underneath, vents and wall behind your refrigerator. A feather duster, a brush and dustpan can be used instead.
Step 6


Damp dust the exterior of the refrigerator with a cloth dampened in soapy water and wrung out thoroughly. Follow by rinsing with a cloth dampened in clean water. If your fridge is stainless steel you are better off with a specialized cleaner made for stainless steel that also repels fingerprint marks.
Step 7

Repack bins, racks, drawers shelving and the food.

Now it's time to repack the fridge and freezer. Take this time to throw away expired condiments and foods. Reseal or re-containerize foods that are leaking or being exposed to the air due to unsecure lids and seals.

Add a Fresh scent

Leave a small opened box of bicarbonate of soda in the back of the fridge to help absorb odors once you have repacked the food into your refrigerator.

Task Complete!

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