Day7-Posture7- Balancing Stick Pose - Tuladandasana

Tuladandasana is also knows as Warrior III Pose Virabhadrasana III in Hot Yoga.  Whenever this pose comes up in yoga class my instructor excitedly says it's times for the aerobic portion of the class. Your heart will thunder in your chest as you launch forward and stabilize your arms and legs like a human 'T'.

Virabhandra is the Sanskrit name of Shiva who takes the form of a fierce warrior.

Step 1 ~ Stand at the bottom of your yoga mat in Tadasana or Mountain Pose. Find a spot in front of you to focus your gaze (Drishti).

Step 2 ~ Raise both of your arms towards the sky in prayer. Interlace your fingers and release your index fingers so that they point upwards towards the sky. Keep your forearms close to your ears.

Step 3 ~ Bring your right foot forward about 3 ft and ground it firmly into the mat. Now shift your weight onto your right foot as you begin lifting your left leg. Keep the toes of your left leg pointed as your legs levers upwards. Begin to bend your upper body forwards from the hips keeping your head in line with your ears. Keep your gaze about 4 ft in front of you on the floor so that you are not looking directly downwards.  At the same time that your leg is levering upwards your upper body should be bending forward so that you form a straight line from your pointed index fingers to pointed left toe. Your raised leg should be parallel to the floor.  Square your hips if your pelvis is favoring one side.

Step 4 ~ Deepening the Virabhandra III (Tuladandasana): Stretch your fingertips forward and push your toes of your left leg backwards as much as you can stretching your body in opposite directions. Hold for 30- 60 seconds. And gently come out of the pose and do it again on the other side.

Here is a good beginners Bikram Tuladasana yoga tutorial video.

Here is a link to my Yoga Video Playlist:

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