Parighasana: Gate Pose

The Parighasana is a great pose for helping to stretch your spine and torso. It can also stretch the hamstrings and open up the shoulders. This pose can help to stimulate your lungs and abdominal muscles. I find this pose really rewarding and I always enjoy doing it. In this post I am pleased to give you the steps needed to complete the Parighasana or Gate pose successfully.
STEP 1: Kneel down onto the floor. With your right leg stretch it out to the right before pressing it down onto the floor. With your left knee directly below your hip, align your left knee with your right heel. Take your pelvis and turn it slightly to the right but turn your upper torso to the left. Point your kneecap so it is facing toward the ceiling. This will require your right leg to turn out.
STEP 2: With your arms, bring them out to the sides as you inhale with your palms down parallel to the floor. Bend to the right so you move over your right leg’s plane, and lay your hand down so it sits on the ankle, shin, or floor just outside of the right leg. With the right side of your torso contract it before stretching your left side. Take your left hand and place it on your left outer hip before pushing the pelvis down and toward the floor. Slip your hand up to your lower left rib before lifting them up toward your shoulder. This will create a space in your left waist.
STEP 3: Inhaling with your left arm sweep it over the back of your left ear. Your torso tends to drop toward the floor with the side bend. Without pushing or causing your left hip to move back, roll it slightly forward before turning the upper torso away from the floor.
STEP 4: Hold this pose for up to 30 seconds at a time before you inhale and come up while reaching through your top arm to draw the torso upright. With your right knee bring it back beside your left and reverse the legs to repeat.
Full Pose
To complete the full pose of the Parighasana, start your position as step 2 describes and lean over the straight leg to the side. Next with the underside of your torso lower it as close as you can to the top of the straight leg. With the back of your lower hand, press it on top of your foot before sweeping your top arm over the back of your ear, and with your palms join them together. Finish Step 4 as described.

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