Pasasana: Noose Pose

The Pasasana yoga pose is a great pose for helping to improve breathing, while opening your chest. It is also good for women with menstrual problems and can help to improve overall balance and leg strength. I find it also helps to improve my overall balance which is great throughout my everyday life. In this post I am happy to bring to you the steps to complete the Pasasana yoga pose with ease.
STEP 1: Stand yourself in the Tadasana pose or mountain pose so you are next to a wall or prop. Keep your feet hip-width and parallel to one another as you stand about forearm distance away from the wall. While standing in the Tadasana pose with your right side facing the wall, press your right palm in the sequence with the wrist to elbow. Your forearm should be parallel to the ground. With your torso turn it back to the centre and adjust the distance accordingly to the wall.
STEP 2: With your knees bend into a full squat so your buttocks are sitting down onto your heels. If you can’t place your heels on the floor fully, squat with your heels raised slightly on a folded thick sandbag or blanket.
STEP 3: Slightly swing your knees to the left as you breathe out and turn your torso to the right before pressing your hands into the wall. With your left hand pressed against the wall, your elbow should press against the outer side of your right knee. Use your right hand to support your pose for leverage. In this pose your left hand will be lower than your right hand. For the full pose the space between the tops of your thighs and your torso’s left side should be closed. With the back of your left arm, work it down your leg before moving your left back shoulder toward your right knee outside.
STEP 4: Take your arm and knee, and press them against each other firmly. Use the pressure to lengthen your torso’s left side out of your inner groins before sliding it along the tops of your thighs. As you twist keep your belly soft as you complete the deep twist.
STEP 5: With your right hand keep it on the wall or bring together your arms with your elbows sharply angled away from one another. Increase the twist by using the pressure of your palms
STEP 6: Hold the pose for up to 30 seconds before releasing the twist while breathing out. Change to the left for the same length of time

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